Many regard stick-slip as the most detrimental vibration axis to the service life of downhole equipment (drillstring and tool string). Here is a brief description of how stick-slip occurs:

As formation strength increases, more Weight On Bit (WOB) is often required to maintain efficient depths of cut. Increased WOB will often create stick-slip, a violent reaction to built up torsional energy along the length of the drill string.

By definition, bit stick-slip vibration involves periodic fluctuations in bit rotational speed, ranging from zero to more than five times the rotational speed measured at the surface on the rig floor. During the “stick” period, the bit stops drilling while WOB and Torque On Bit (TOB) are still applied. As the rotary table on the rig floor continues to turn, the resulting torque loading on the drill string will cause the bit to eventually give way or “slip”, causing a significant increase in its rotational speed. When mud motors are utilized, the stick slip torsional wave to the surface is reduced but still imparts damaging vibrations to the guidance electronics.

TDT's SSR is one of only a handful of known tools (and most cost effective) specifically designed to address downhole torsional forces. TDT employs a series of hard stops and elastomeric materials to reduce shock and vibration to the tool-string components.

Click here to see Stick-Slip Reducer animation.


  • For use in both overbalanced and underbalanced drilling conditions
  • Nonmag construction; Inconel® 718 and Beryllium Copper
  • Fully oil-sealed, pressure balanced and lubricated for extended service life
  • Decouples tool string from harmful torsional tension
  • Can be coupled with our other Z-axis shock & vibration damping technology for a multi-axis isolation strategy
  • Can be used in both mud pulse and underbalanced (EM, gyros, steering tools) drilling environments


  • Reduces peak effects of stick-slip shock & vibration
  • Increases the service life of sensitive downhole electronics by minimizing accumulative shock and vibrationally induced fatigue on the instrument and sensor chassis

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Note: illustration is for demonstration only and is not an exact representation of the tool materials and/or our patented design.

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