This tool string specific cartridge assembly functions below the MWD pulser as part of the ubho/Muleshoe sub. It is specially designed for easy and cost effective maintenance. It can be married with and tuned to drill string shock subs to reduce the threat of destructive harmonics.

TDT has relocated the ubho orientation set screws from their traditional location at the muleshoe to the bottom of the sub body and cartridge assembly. Between that hard mount and the uphole facing muleshoe, TDT incorporates its patented* shock & vibration reduction design. As a result, the muleshoe/tool string has effectively been detached from the drill string.

Our SOFTRIDE® component subs are designed as a box by box housing with a pin by pin crossover bottom sub affording better operational maintenance and configuration flexibility.

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  • The SOFTRIDE® is currently available in
    6-1/2" and 4-3/4" sizes
  • SOFTRIDE® has 4-1/2" and 3-1/2" API IF box connections
  • Crossover sub connections can be provided for any specific requirements
  • The cartridge assembly can be configured with
    Z-axis shock and vibration decoupling only, or Z-axis decoupler combined with the SOFTRIDE® stick slip element
  • The stick slip C-axis element may also be run alone, within the ubho sub, without the Z-axis functionality
  • As with our other downhole technologies, the SOFTRIDE® cartridge is field/user friendly for the required lubrication procedures

All materials of construction meet API drill string requirements/specifications.

*US Patent No. 8,640,795


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