Our shock and vibration damping technology is designed to isolate the tool string from axial (Z-axis) and torsional (C-axis) deflections produced by aggressive motor/drill bit combinations, agitators, tough formations, underbalanced drilling and/or aggressive (accelerated ROP) drilling practices. Unlike a shock sub that concentrates on extending the life of drill bits, motors and surface equipment, we have focused on the number one cause of downhole failure and unscheduled tripping…. the failure of sensitive electronic components in the tool string.


We don’t offer standard, off-the-shelf downhole tools. Instead, we offer products that are specifically engineered and tailored to your needs and applications. From concept and design through to the manufacturing process, our job is to help you solve downhole problems so that you can operate as competitively as possible.

Part and parcel with our problem-solving tools is the service we provide. We give you undivided attention, confidentiality and responsiveness.

  • Experienced tool designers
  • Innovative solutions to plaguing problems
  • Proven results

Put us to the test on your most daunting downhole problems. You won’t be disappointed!


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