In today's aggressive drilling environments, downhole sensors and other sensitive electronics are subjected to ever destructive Z-axis shocks/vibrations/harmonics. The failure of electronic and other discrete components is widely held as a primary cause of rig downtime. The cumulative wear and fatigue and, ultimately, failure of these sensors, short lived gamma crystals and photo-multiplier tubes (PMT's) is greatly reduced with the use of TDT's proprietary Hydraulic Shock Tool (HST)*.

The HST was designed specifically for the hostile environment of underbalanced drilling and has recently enjoyed great success with Electromagnetic (EM) MWD systems on air in shale formations. All HST components are engineered and manufactured to an exacting standard, with the highest quality, low-magnetic signature materials in order to ride within the nonmag drill collar and withstand the harshest drilling conditions.

The HST's design is built around the proven principal of a shock absorber, dedicated to cushioning the most critical downhole components. The HST is pressure compensated and is tunable to any running tool configuration.

Features & Advantages:

  • A 10-year run history without a single tool failure or loss of orientation is a sure testament to the rugged performance and dependability of the HST.
  • Customers speak of significant reductions in Z-axis shock and vibration stress to their sensitive electronics components, even with introduction of air, PDC bits and air hammers to the BHA.
  • Unlike a shock sub, the HST's sole function is shock and vibration dampening. Further, the HST's smaller size (61"-63" make-up length x 1.75"OD, 35 lbs. total weight) makes the tool much easier to manage without the need for specialized handing equipment.
  • TDT recently unveiled a new Stick-Slip Reducer (SSR) module for the HST that adds even greater capability.
  • The HST is manufactured from entirely nonmag materials – Inconel 718 and Beryllium Copper.
  • The HST is thru-tool pressure capable.
  • The HST resides directly above the muleshoe and does not add to overall drill collar length; it can replace a nonmag spacer or weight bar.
  • Due to its slick tool OD, the HST does not appreciably increase pressure drop through the drill collar.
  • TDT has a patented pending through-wire design, having a 1.92” OD and passing ten 20-gauge wires the length of the HST when communication is required.

The HST is presently configured with a 1.25" - 8 UN box up x pin down, but may be converted to any connection, conducting or nonconducting, based on customer preference and requirements.

*TDT has exclusive marketing and distribution rights to the HST technology via agreement with owner/inventor Thru-Tubing Rentals.


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