Sharewell utilizes the Hydraulic Shock Tool (HST) in conjunction with the Electro-Trac™ MWD.  This device is a probe based hydraulic/mechanical dampening device designed to be run with MWD or wireline steering tools.  The HST mounts to a probe via the bottom of the probe and the orientation helix. 

The HST is run with the Sharewell Electro-Trac™ EM Measurement While Drilling (MWD) in harsh environments and provides Axial (Z axis) shock and vibration mitigation/reduction.  With the inclusion of an additional module at the upper end, torsional/stick slip (X/Y Axis) shock and vibration mitigation/reduction is available.

There is no change to the standard orientation process(s), as the helix is attached to lower end of the unit.

Reliability speaks for itself.  The Electro-Trac™ EM MWD system is an industry leader.  Sharewell is thoroughly convinced that the addition of the HST to the Electro-Trac™ MWD system provides industry leading reliability, even in the harshest of drilling environments.

Proof is in the performance.  Whether drilling in the hardest rock, or utilizing foam mist or air, addition of the HST provides for a smoother ride with increased reliability.  Wear items such as the wear cuff on the orientation sleeve, damaged snubbers on the MWD components, loose screws, and aluminum dust inside the instrument barrels provide evidence of harsh drilling environments.  While utilizing the HST the wear items (above) showed very little if any wear.

In Southern Oklahoma the Electro-Trac™ MWD system with the HST was utilized to drill the upper hole section (500’-5,500’) on multiple wells.  12 1/4” insert bits were lasting 20-60 hours.  The drilling was 10-50 ft/hr. On the wells where the HST was used, there were no MWD failures.  Large quantities of LCM were used in the system, partially plugging the drilling string, creating excessive pressure across the MWD tool and increased downward forces.  Spring compression in the HST provided an estimated downward force of 750# +.  The Electro-Trac™ MWD showed no signs of damage or excessive wear.

In West Texas the Electro-Trac™ MWD system with the HST was utilized in an air drilling/under-balanced operation to drill a horizontal well.  Ten (10) gpm of fluid was added to the air system.  R.O.P. varied from 2-45 ft/hr.  The MWD system showed very little wear from the drilling environment.

In South Texas the Electro-Trac™ MWD system with the HST was utilized in multiple horizontal wells.  The only MWD failure – when utilizing the HST - was due to a manufacturing defect in a battery.

While the HST will not stop all damages related to drilling vibration, it does lessen the effects of the longitudinal shock and vibration.  Lessening of these effects is evidenced by decreased wear and damage to various parts, as well as the increased MTBF of the MWD system in harsh environments.

"Just wanted to let you know that the HST shock tool far exceeded our expectations. While gyro steering we were able to stay in the hole longer and complete the job faster. Our Gyro has a vibration meter. When running your tool, we see little or no damaging vibration. We are able to go from one job to another without bringing the SRG Gyro Equipment in for evaluation and repair. I can accurately say that the shock tool has reduced our overall repair due to vibration and shock by more than 70%. We will definitely be running your shock tool on every gyro steering job. Thanks for your help.”


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