In the past, most shock and vibration technology has resided in drill string components, like shock subs. However, a shock sub’s primary focus is on bits, mud motors, drill pipe connections, surface equipment, etc.

Our founders knew there had to be a better way to address chronic drilling problems. By focusing on the tool string, they added a new dimension of shock and vibration damping. It was a more robust focus with broader applications that increased MTBF because it worked in tandem with existing tools and other technologies—and that’s what we continue to do today. Our legacy HST* technology has been field-proven since 2001 without a single case of tool failure or loss of orientation.

Solving MTBF problems helps drilling and related companies reduce rig downtime caused by vibration-induced tool string failures, thus offering operating companies value added technology. By not overcomplicating the manufacturing process, Technical Drilling Tools’ products are produced more cost effectively due to the unique components incorporated into the technology and overall elegant simplicity of design. Current clients include directional drilling companies, downhole tool rental companies and large operating companies.

Some of our current products and services include:

* TDT has exclusive marketing and distribution rights to the HST technology via agreement with owner/inventor Thru-Tubing Rentals.
** US Patent No. 8,640,795
*** Patent Pending


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